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Strawberry Champagne Bears

Strawberry Champagne Bears

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Indulge in the irresistible allure of our Strawberry Champagne Bears, a delightful blend of delicacy, sweetness, and chic sophistication. These gummies, inspired by our all-time favorites, offer a burst of juicy flavor reminiscent of the finest Dom Pérignon Champagne. Each bite is a playful celebration, filled with bubbly joy. Best of all, they are non-alcoholic, making them the perfect treat to send to kids and grown-ups alike. Experience the joy and share the whimsy with those you love.

About the company:

Married duo Rosie O’Neill and Josh Resnik founded Sugarfina in an effort to create the “candy shop of their dreams.” The pair taste-tests unique sweets from all over the globe to curate a collection of scrumptious, unexpected snacks. They also do their part to conserve energy and reduce waste, which we think is extra sweet.

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