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Do I have to type in all my recipients names and addresses? 

No, you can simply upload a CSV/Excel file.  You can upload the file here:


Is it possible to upload PS/AI files for custom designs?

Yes, see the screenshot below:

What is the typical turnaround time for orders?

It can take us up to two business days to get orders sent once payment is received. Variables such as setting up custom designs or unclear/undetermined addresses may cause delays.


Can I get wholesale pricing for orders less than 10 boxes?

Yes - you can pay for the 10 boxes now and use them over 12 months.  Email us about buying the credits.

Is there a minimum order quantity for wholesale pricing?

Yes, 10 boxes minimum

Can I customize boxes with my logo and design?

Yes! We can do it for you for a $50 fee or you can use the template provided on the product page.

Is there a limit to the number of contacts I can upload?



Are there any additional discounts available for bulk orders?

The discount is included in the bulk order form.   Inquire at hello@greetabl.com if you would like us to look for additional discounts for your project.


What payment options are available for corporate orders?

You can pay by credit card or checkout with the invoice option and we'll send you a payment link via Quickbook when your design is complete.


Can I schedule a meeting to discuss bulk orders or customization options?

Yes, you can schedule a meeting here: https://pro.greetabl.com/fa

Are there any restrictions on shipping locations or international orders?

We only offer shipping within the US - we may ship a couple boxes internationally at a much steeper fee, but we cannot guarantee arrivals.