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Sam Wish

Mystic Blossom Face Mask

Mystic Blossom Face Mask

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Made especially for those with more delicate skin, this petal infused face mask is gentle, cleansing, and soothing for all skin types! Made with three floral staples- lavender, chamomile, and rose- this face mask is nourishing, refreshing, and oh so relaxing!

Let the gentle pink and white kaolin clays stimulate, exfoliate, and cleanse while the florals soothe inflammation, aid in keeping harmful bacteria away, and add a sense of calm and relaxation to your face care routine.

About the company:

Located deep in the heart of Austin, TX, Sam Wish creates handcrafted, small-batch botanical goods with ingredients gathered from certified organic, fair trade, and sustainable sources.

My goal with Sam Wish is to create a body care line inspired by holistic well-being, plant medicine, and our great mama earth. I believe in displaying and discussing each individual ingredient not only for transparency but to spark interest and further research into whatever goes on our sacred bodies.

I lovingly develop everything in-house from creation of new product formulas, production of all my beautiful goods, and even website and label designing! It is truly a labor of love as I handcraft this business focused on helping those around me care for themselves, body and soul, with the magical bounty that plants and this earth offers us.

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